Linear Actuators

Rotodyne Eng. Manufactures an Electro-mechanical Linear Actuator are Specially Designed for a Variety of Commercial and Industrial Applications. these actuators are used for opening and closing tilting and pivoting, lifting and lowering and positioning Custom Designs are also Available for special application. linear Actuators are now being used in place of Pneumatics and hydraulics when leaking hydraulic oil is concern.

  • Load Capacity : Up to 400 KN
  • Linear Speed : Up to 7000 mm/Min
  • Stroke Length : Up to 5000 mm
  • Power Rating : 0.18 KW to 10 KW
  • Mounting Type : Foot
  • Drive Configurations : Right angle, Parallel or in-line
  • Application : Industrial Automation Industry - Agriculture, Aluminum, Food Processing, Glass, Metal Processing, Paper, Plastic & Rubber, Printing, Steel, Textile, Wood Energy Sector - Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Research, Solar, Wind, Electricity, Continuous operation Process Lines etc.