Shrink Disc

these Drives are required for tracked Vehicles. They work on the sample Planetary Principle ans have load carrying capacity and fully Constructed through forged alloy steel with inbuilt hydraulic Brake.

  • Shaft Diameter : 24-480 MM
  • Torque Capacity : 300 - 15,00,000 NM
  • Application : Machine tools, Belt-drives :connecting the Belt -drum, Shaft and gear Connection, Wind Energy Turbines : main Shaft- Hub Connection Break Disc and coupling ship drive train : shaft- Coupling, Break Disc Connection Packing Machines, bag-handling devices,fastening of levers, gear-linkage, rockers, fastening of gear or chain wheels to shafts, Fastening of discs to shafts, Coupling in printing machines, Stirring machine and others, Connecting hollow-shaft gear-boxes to drive shafts,fixing seals and/or bearings axially, mining equipment fasten bucket wheel water mills fastening paddle wheel, weaving and other fine tool machine fixing shafts and levers many application more.