Worm Reduction Gearboxes

  • With cubic structure, RV030-105 is made with die cast aluminum material body and RV 100-150 cast iron material. the Product owns advantages of good appearance, Small Volume, Quick radiating, flexible mounting.
  • the warm shaft was produced by special heat treatment with superior alloy steel ; the meshing of the worm wheel has patented copper alloy. their performance are advantages over other suppliers in china
  • The worm gear and worm shaft adopt precision and meshing to ensure the stable transmission low temperature, low noise level high efficiency and long service life.
  • The input and output parts are treated by smooth, and dusty proof to increases the quality and it's service life.
  • High Quality Bearing and seals to prevent from oil leakage.
  • JWB + NMRV series is worm gear reducer with variator, which can adjust speed on load, to obtain variable output speed.
  • RV Series is widely used, and an ideal Choice for modern Industrial Equipments to realize big Transmission ratio.